Friday, March 26, 2010

TVD's Record Store Day 2010 Label Showcase | Daptone Records Giveaway Contest

Indeed, it’s been a hallmark of our Record Store Day 2010 Label Spotlights that each label puts together a grab bag o’ swag, and our friends at Daptone Records are no exception.

Here’s what we got for ya:

...the brand new Sharon Jones & the Dap-kings LP, "I Learned The Hard Way"...

...the above, large 22" x 28" poster on a thicker (12pt paper stock) featuring a collage of Daptone LP's and 45's.

...two super-sweet DJ turntable slip mats...

...and a collection of five Daptone 7"'s:

3 Titans "College" b/w "The Life of a Scholar"
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings "Ain't No Chimneys in the Projects" (X-mas 45)
Menahan Street Band "The Wolf" b/w "Bushwick Lullaby"
Darrell Banks "I Don't Know What To Do" b/w "My Love is Reserved"
Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens "Wind Your Clock"

That's right—Daptone loves ya' back.

By now you know the drill, in the comments to this post let us know why you deserve to win this killer Daptone Prize Packagewith a contact email address!—and the one person that hits our collective sweet spots will be awarded all of the above. You have until Wednesday, March 31 to suitably impress us.

We await your love letters.

...And we thank Daptone Records for hanging out with TVD all this week with a special shout out to The Honeydripper...


Dollar Bill said...

Dearest Dapper Dappy Dap Tip Tap Toners,

How do I love thee, let me count the ways, it would take much longer than 100 days(and nights).

I am a FunkSoulJazzBluesRoots vinyl only DJ and own a small, real record store here in Canada, amj a analog kid with a growing collection of vintage gear, more on playback end, to enjoy your Funky recording thide of sings.

Had a collector friend from France, hip me to the Desco Records sound and then later, What Have You Done For Me Lately, did it for me, giving me new hope that things were cycling back to the music I love and had been trying for years to get other ears to listen to.

I can wax on,wax off,wax poetic for days in my attempt for the phrase that pays, but will just leave it at diggin' whachu do.

Gimmie the prize pack and it will be worked to death, I used to fold comic books and stick 'em in my back pocket and records aren't for looking at or playing the stock market with.

However I would gladly give up my prize if you could help me, help others and get The(fabulous)Counts "lost" recording some kind of deal or distro. Gotta have it on vinyl!

Hubert Moser from Miracle Dread helped arrange a reunion show in Detroit for them and they still move the crowd.

Have fun and thank you for your participation in Record Store Day, maybe some day you can play or dig in my store.

"Dollar" Bill (Canada)

Dollar Bill said...

I guess this should have been a love letter to you instead of Dap Tone directly?

I love you too?LOL

Damn, I don't know who to name drop to y'all either.


duller bill (can eh duh)

bob said...

I am late to Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. About a year ago i heard the live broadcast of Dark Was The Night. I was blown away by them closing with this land is our land. I rushed out and had found as much of there music as possible. I am slowly building my vinyl collection of their old work and this would be a huge step forward.

Aaron said...

Do you know I've missed Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings twice when I've planned to see them?! TWICE! This would really make up for that.

davy h said...

By golly I'd love all that stuff and how much do I dig Daptone and all that they stand for? Hugely; and I've still so much more of their music to discover it seems. If they'd like to bus another load over here, just for the heck of it, that'd be great; we take our soul and real records very seriously in London town you know.

"Dollar" should get this stash though.

Boogie on Bill, do.

Yellow said...

Daptone records is definitely an admirable label. As is this blog, for putting up such tons of great music. And such tons of great free stuff. My record table ain't getting enough funk lately, perhaps this package might still the hunger a bit.

Plus for some incredibly strange reason I don't even have anything by Daptone in my record collection yet. Despite the fact I love their music and have seen them play one of the best shows I've ever been to.

Scott said...

It's rather hard for a self deprecating individual to discuss why he should win much of anything, but maybe it would be easier to discuss why he'd want to.

Records as of late have become more than a medium -- they've become a way to channel my explorative spirit. Back in the days of MP3’s and CD’s I would take whatever Itune’s and BMG wanted to spoon-feed me. And if you start in the Alt Rock section it’s quite likely that’s where you’ll stay.

Not so at Red Onion where Izzy’s dropping the needle on Brazilian Fuzz one moment, and Gospel and Motown the next. Not so when your Friend grabs a record she gleefully remembers her parents dancing to as she hid under a dining room table with crayons.

Now I’ve got Muddy Waters and Django Reinhardt filling my little studio box with Blues and Jazz while a Daptone Gold compilation introduces me to so much soul. And that’s where I got my first taste of the mail carrier turned Motown Maven I now crave.

Deserve to win it? Who knows. But man do I crave some more Sharon Jones.