Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TVD's Record Store Day 2010 Label Showcase | Daptone Records

Our Record Store Day 2010 Label Showcase with Daptone Records continues, and today we're joined by Thomas “TNT” Brenneck, one of the guitar players for Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, The Budos Band, and Menahan Street Band.

“TNT” Brenneck also founded Dunham Records with Homer Steinweiss who joined us yesterday with our first Daptone installment. Their latest project is a hip hop 45 by three 9 year olds—The 3 Titans—rapping about going to college!

Rooky Ricardos's
San Francisco, CA

Around about a year ago I drove along Route 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco. No doubt I was high on some pot brownies some girls had given to me the night before at a Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings concert.

Sure enough, it was a great road trip. With the beautiful Becca Bernard as my co-pilot, we charged up the west coast in a black Dodge Charger. Why were we going to San Francisco? "Rooky Ricardo's Record Shop" also known as "Rooky's."

Rooky's is conveniently located in the Lower Haight, right across the street from the hell storm of a bar, "Toronados" (great sausages next door.) Rooky's is my favorite record store in the USA. Why? because it's right across the street from
Groove Merchant Records? Nope. Because Dick is the man. A gay man who owns this fantastic record store and loves soul music (especially girl groups.)

Anyway, we arrive. Crash at a friends. Breakfast. Roll over to Rookie's.

No Dick. Where's Dick? I drove from LA! No Dick? "Dick doesn't work on Tuesdays" says dude. Great. So I shop at my favorite record store without saying hello to my favorite record store owner, but got great records regardless:

The Fabulous Impressions - LP 4.00$!!
The Dells -
Hey Sugar (Don't Get Serious) 45 (Vee-Jay)
King Floyd -
Walkin' and Thinkin' 45 (Original Sound)
Little Richard -
I Don't Know What You've Got (But It Sure's Got me) Vee-Jay 45 featuring a young Jimi Hendrix copping a young Curtis Mayfield. Top that!

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights (Mp3)
Menahan Street Band - Make the Road by Walking (Mp3)

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