Friday, March 19, 2010

TVD's The Idelic Hour

The idea of making “travelin' music” is a loaded concept. We all have a “sound” we like to ride to. I created this mix thinking about the journey to Austin ahead.

SXSW has been an annual pastime—not only the music conference itself but for the listening prior. The weeks leading up to SXSW are always filled with intense listening. It’s a time to refresh the palette so to speak, and I challenge my current “pile of records” to either stay or leave. I take in as many new releases as I can and dig back in my crates.

Finally for my muse, I posed myself 2 questions: When it comes to music, what does Texas mean to me and what’s the reason we make the schlep to Austin every year for SXSW?

The simple answer is in this mix…cool bands and great songs.



The Idelic Hour [3/19/2010] (Mp3, 88Mg)

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