Monday, March 22, 2010

TVD Ticket Giveaway | Francis, Monday (3/22) at the House of Sweden

Allow me to just point out that press releases rarely come better written or more - shall we say - intriguing:

"A man once said: "To say that you know what Francis is about without having experienced it face to face is like saying that you've had sexual intercourse when you actually only have seen porn"."

Take that, I say! Here's another quote:

"Francis are blowing my mind. Swedes rocking big-band and blues like from the back of a speakeasy in the heyest heyday of the Roaring 20s? Yes, please. Driving drums and bold, harsh vocals belie their rock and roll sensibilities. ALSO THEY ARE SWEDISH! God bless globalization, you guys." - Music For Misanthropes

Suitably intrigued to see what Francis is up to? Well, lucky you. We've got two pairs of tickets and their debut CD for two winners for their appearance this coming Monday night (3/22) at the House of Sweden.

Your steamiest analogy or response left in the comments to this post —with a contact email address! gets the tickets to she show and the CD. We'll choose two winners by noon on 3/22!

Francis - Ten Thousand Times (Mp3)
Francis - Eternal Souls (Mp3)

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Tom said...

I went to this show. The songs were good and well executed. Nice stage presence. I'll get their cd.