Monday, February 8, 2010

TVD's Ten Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways - Week 1 | Patrick & Eugene

Right. I hadn't heard of Patrick & Eugene either up until recently and now I can't get the tunes of these post-modern vaudevillians out of my head. If “precious” weren’t such a pugnaciously pleasant word, I’d probably go straight for it in describing the music of UK duo P&E.

After all, when you string together banjos and ukes, then top the charming scrum off with SPF100 pop vocals and a polka dotted display of whistles, bleeps, bloops and bongos it’s hard not to fall squarely into the adorable category, right?

Decide for yourself as we've got a rare P&E import to give away—a double-A-side 12" with their covers of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" and Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" as we chug along with our Ten Weeks of Record Store Vinyl Giveaways.

As we mentioned earlier, the rules for these Vinyl Giveaways can't be any simpler: each Monday for the next ten weeks we'll be launching a new RSD2010 Vinyl Giveaway and all you need to do to enter to win is to leave a comment in the comments section to that week's giveaway letting us know why you deserve to win the LP.

Be creative, funny, incisive—whatever it takes to grab our attention to deem you the winner. Most important however is to leave us a contact email address! You can be brilliant as hell, but if we can't track ya' down, you're out of the running. Winners will be notified upon the launch of the next giveaway.

Now, ...go!

Patrick & Eugene - Don't Stop (Mp3)


damian said...

I deserve to win this only because I have never heard them, this will give me the opportunity to listen to them and find out who they are and what they sound like.

ozlo said...

Only one other comment? I know more people are in to TVD and who wouldn't want free vinyl, where's everyone at?
Anyway, I would love to win this record to help spark up a new hobby. I have only ever owned one piece of vinyl in my life, a 7" by "The Tractor Beams." I just recently purchased a record player and for the first time ever I was able to indulge in the reputable vinyl sound. Four songs from a 7" can only be enjoyed for so long. I need new records. I have decided to start a record collection and what wouldn't be better than starting off a collection with a free record?

ozlo said...

Forgot to leave E-email.

Anonymous said...

A better reason than Ozlo's need for more vinyl? I almost don't have the heart to stand in between. Almost.

I deserve this record b/c gosh-darnit I like the sound and it reminds me a little of one of my favs: ELO (maybe it's the beard?) I also detect the wittiness of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

Anyway, I can be reached at

handbanana888 said...

Banjo? Check. Ukulele? Check. Trombone? Sure, why the hell not! An emphatic check. -Paging Benny Hill! These Brits really know how to bring some cheerfully fun sounds to the table. It's the kind of music that I could see my 3-year old nephew enjoying just as much as I do. The whimsicality of it all definitely brings me into a Monty Python state of mind. And I absolutely love it. Hell, even the cover art looks fun and awesome. I'm also a fan of crazy, quirky cover songs. So gimme that vinyl, yo!

geneprice2005 AT hotmail DOT com

handbanana888 said...

Damn! Forgot to mention that my name is Eugene too.

Coincidence? I think not.