Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TVD's Pie in the Sky

#3. Reinvigorate COMMERCIAL Radio | Truth is, I subscribe to satellite radio, largely for Howard Stern. But I have indeed found myself tooling about on the various and sundry 'genre channels' from time to time and I was hit by an odd notion—I miss the commercials.

Howard has commercials which surprised me for a bit at the outset—some he'll read and the regular prerecorded type. It's refreshing frankly, whereas the 'Deep Cut Bullshit Channel' might not have any. It's like a secret handshake club for the ad averse.

But it's not the advertising I want to underscore but the content—the meat on said bone—that is lacking on the traditional, terrestrial airwaves.

Old guard, want your way back in with us? Take your grip off of radio programmer's necks. Free up the playlists for DJs to wing it. Remarry the legitimacy of the medium with inventiveness. Offer immediacy and a rapport not based phony radio-ims. Allow for a station's identity to be no identity at all, other than music driven. Become a community partner again, not a global enterprise.

...and maybe we'll just come back to you.

Selecter - On My Radio (Mp3)
Elvis Costello - Radio Sweetheart [Live] (Mp3)
Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio (Mp3)
Radio Stars - Nervous Wreck (Mp3)
Shellac - The End of Radio (Mp3)

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