Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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I had a couple of emails yesterday inquiring about my Mom who some of you might recall has Alzheimer’s and moved to a nursing home last July.

If there’s an upside to the disease, it’s that it eventually steals your memory
along with your desire to maintain connections with things or people with whom you’d normally miss when taken from your home and placed in a senior’s facility, for example.

So for my mother, there's no longing for her home, her belongings, her dog, her brother, ... or me. To know this woman all of my life as one who is just so particular and choosy with aesthetics entirely of her own making which had to be maintained with some expense—it’s the oddest thing to witness and get your head around.

I’m told however that when she’s asked by the nurses or aides at the nursing home if she needs anything, her response is often, “A good looking man,” so I know some synapses are still firing like they used to.

Along with her not missing much of anything, she’s not missing the piano above which I wrote about here last summer.

Her house has been sold and she and my late father’s possessions will all be boxed to move to storage for when I have a house of my own, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what to do with this 105 year old piano. I thought that to move it to the nursing home would be a grand karmic gesture as she can still play quite well, but they’re wary of housing it for a number of obvious reasons.

To know my mother is to understand just how important this instrument is to her and I’m unable to fathom selling it while she walks the earth – however slowly at this point.

I often wonder about this endeavor here online and think about all of this work and coordination just to go on and on daily about ...music. I mean, how frivolous. But like the cotton commercial jingle—it’s the fabric of our lives.

So, if anyone has any ideas about the piano, I’m all ears.

Aztec Camera - Still On Fire (Mp3)
Friends Again - State Of Art (Mp3)
The Call - Everywhere I Go [Extended] (Mp3)
The Wake - Plastic Flowers (Mp3)
The Buggles - Johnny Riding On The Monorail (Mp3)

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Candace said...

Not frivolous. This is the stuff we live for. I dig your daily goings on, and I know I'm not alone.

Good luck with the piano, and best to your mom...