Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TVD First Date | Dawn Landes

So, let me get this straight...Dawn Landes is a vinyl fan and "Son of Schmilsson" is on heavy rotation?

Um...where do we send the flowers?

"I got a pretty new cherry-red record player for Christmas two years ago and now I only listen to vinyl at home. I can't believe it took me so long to come around to it. I remember leafing through my parents ragtag collection when I was a kid... the albums that stand out in my memory are "Break Out" by the Pointer Sisters and "Traveling Wilburys Vol 1"... go figure. I love the format for artwork, I've used my friend Danica Novgorodoffs illustrations on all of my records, and it's so nice to really showcase the art.

And the fact that it's kind of demanding on the listener. You really have to be a part of the experience... holding the thing, using your arms to even open the sleeve, keepin your eye on the needle. I love listening to records! Excuse the enthusiasm but I'm pretty new to it, and it's changed the way I listen to music.

Most of my 12''s at home were bought from garage and stoop sales around Brooklyn in the past few years. "Son of Schmilsson" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" have been on constant rotation for the past few months. I love all the photography in there from the sessions... funny how it satisfies that voyeur impulse without kicking all the mystery out like we do now on the internet.

This is my third album and the first one I've released in 12" vinyl format.... it feels like a real accomplishment! A few years ago I released a couple of 7" singles on a small UK label called Boyscout, run by DJ extraordinaire Tim "Love" Lee, who has the largest vinyl collection I've ever seen.

I've noticed touring around the world that certain areas are really digging in to it- Spain, especially. More people were buying vinyls in Spain on a recent tour than cds. It's awesome. I hope it's contagious. The vinyl we pressed for the Sweetheart Rodeo record comes in all different colors, which really excites me. How do they do it? Each one looks like a sandstorm bowling ball, with its own color wheel. It's incredible! "

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Dawn Landes - Young Girl (Mp3)

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