Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's The Watson Twins' Vinyl District!

FAVORITE VENUES: Life on the Circuit | Touring is part of every musician’s life. The levels vary in many ways, from mini-van to 15 pass van to bus and beyond… just think, your very own jet! We’ve been around this country a bunch and in lots of different ways and just wanted to share with y’all a few of our favorite places to play on the “circuit.”

Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI | This beautiful theater was built in 1890, in original opera house style and the acoustics are fantastic. From the first time we played there the staff has welcomed us in as family. This place is a musicians dream come true! The back stage is complete with old records and a player, food, washer/ dryer and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer! What more could you ask for? Plus, the crowds in Milwaukee are always up for a good time.

Central Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX | We grew up singing in church so maybe that draws us to this venue, its got it’s own energy and vibe that is hard to describe. We’ve only played there once, but it sticks out as one of my favorite shows. We were in Austin for the SXSW festival and had our final show of the festival at this church. The beautiful décor and amazing atmosphere set us up for special night, truly a “spiritual” experience!

40 Watt, Athens, GA | A couple things before I start about the 40 Watt… In the parking lot you are almost certain to find J.B’s grilled sausage stand and his famous “Come Back Sauce” (I have the t-shirt to prove it). The delicious, tantalizing aroma and J.B. himself will do their darnedest to keep you right there! The last time we were at the 40 watt we got the chance to hang with the beautiful and charming Barrie Buck, she owns the joint, and was our tour guide for the night. The hospitality and the audiences are always fantastic which puts it on our most wanted list. I love that town!

The Vic Theatre Chicago, Chicago, IL | The two times we’ve played the Vic it’s been packed to the gills and we all know that the audience is what makes these venues and shows special. The last time we opened for our friend M.Ward, one of our favorites players to see… love his voice and music. Surrounded by ornate wall sculptures and stairs made of Italian marble this theatre that was built in 1912 became our host for the evening. On off nights, when they’re not catering to musicians, the Vic plays old movies and serves $1.50 beers… when can we move in?

The Watson Twins - Midnight (Mp3)
(From the brand new 'Talking To Me, Talking To You)
The Watson Twins - Bar Woman Blues (Mp3)
(From 'Fire Songs')
The Watson Twins - Only You (Mp3)
(Live on MOKB Radio)
The Watson Twins - Just Like Heaven (Mp3)
(Live on MOKB Radio)
The Watson Twins - How Am I To Be/Ain't No Sunshine/Sky Open Up (Mp3)
(Live on MOKB Radio)

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