Friday, January 8, 2010

TVD's (Heroic) Parting Shots

"...all dead/all dead..."

George Harrison - What Is Life (Mp3)
Led Zeppelin - Nobody's Fault But Mine (Mp3)
The Sound - Fatal Flaw (Mp3)
Queen - Dead on Time (Mp3)
Harry Nilsson - Don't Forget Me (Mp3)
T-Rex - Life's a Gas (Mp3)
Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died (Mp3)
Think Lizzy - Suicide (Mp3)
John Lennon - Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Mp3)
Bob Marley & the Wailers - Redemption Song (Mp3)


Ron Mexico said...

The Sound is the greatest band ever to walk the earth.

You and I both know this

Ron Mexico

Jon said...


The Disappeared said...

@prev comments:

You're right to highlight The Sound as being a lost, great band. They came from the same musical space as Joy Division and perhaps Echo & The Bunnymen in the late 70s, although interestingly their lead singer, Adrian Borland, later cited New Order as an influence himself.

Their first two albums in particular were great works ("Jeopardy" and "From The Lion's Mouth". Both released on Korova, the same label as the Bunnymen. Both received enormous critical acclaim at the time but for whatever reason the band never really followed up on it.

I saw them live at Rafters in Manchester in about 1980-81 and they really were stunning live. Every bit as powerful as the Bunnymen or Joy Division.

The really sad part of this is that the subsequent lack of commercial success and recognition took its toll in the worst possible way. After suffering from severe depression for more than a decade, Adrian Borland committed suicide in 1999.

A real loss to music.

JeremyS / The Disappeared