Thursday, January 21, 2010

TVD Presents a Sockets Records Showcase Week!

It's Day #4 of Sockets Records' TVD Takeover and Collin from Buildings has got an LP in mind I think we all wish to have on our shelves. (Does anyone out there actually have this one?)

Like many, I am obsessed with The Beatles. One of my all time favorite album covers would have to be the (in)famous "butcher" cover for The Beatles' 'Yesterday and Today.'

It's very obvious why it would catch anyone's eye. Aside from it being worth about 40 grand, how can anyone resist seeing their favorite pop stars wearing butcher costumes with bloody meat and dismembered dolls all over them?

It's been said that it The Beatles were making a statement that Capitol Records were "butchering" their albums for US release, etc. I see it as an early mockery of all the fame and hysteria surrounding them.

This was put out around their 'Rrubber Soul/Revolver' era which is perhaps my favorite time in music history. This album cover is an extremely bold and hilarious considering the time it was made., but all in all, I would like to say what I like most about the album cover is the awkward expression on everyone's face.
—Collin Crowe (Buildings)

Buildings - Tomorrow (Mp3)

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Alex said...

Here's the weird thing about the cover: You'd expect John to look demonic, but he doesn't, he looks vaguely amused. Ringo seems genuninely uncomfortable and Paul looks like he is trying to go along because he wants everyone to like him (to prove that, he's even stroking the head of the dismembered doll in his lap). But it's George -- the enlightened spiritual one -- who looks the most demonic (like it was all his idea!).