Wednesday, December 23, 2009

TVD's Best of '09

Well, here's one Pitchfork got right:

"Put on a Clientele record and you're entering a space, one crafted as much through sound as lyrical associations, which tend toward the kind of quasi-cinematic string-pulling that makes for the band's own brand of enjoyable cliché. It's lonely without tipping into alienation. It's in tune with the power of memory without being deadened by generic nostalgia. It's someplace where changes in the weather can leave people dumbstruck. And if the music itself were a hair more melodramatic, its wistfulness would probably be unbearable. But the band's restraint, skirting emotional didacticism while still providing room for listeners' own specific states, appeals to humanity's more evanescent (and maybe pop-resistant) feelings."

Simply put, the best of the year.

The Clientele - I Wonder Who We Are (Mp3)
The Clientele - Share the Night (Mp3)
The Clientele - Never Saw Them Before (Mp3)

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John said...

Not to mention that it made my "Best Of" in packaging design - whee!