Thursday, December 17, 2009

A TVD Special Holiday Giveaway | An Ed and Donna Christmas!

Just because I’m not in the holiday spirit (...just yet, anyway) doesn’t mean others aren’t rockin’ the halls with Christmas cheer. On Sunday night (12/20), Galaxy Hut presents “An Ed and Donna Christmas” and we asked ‘Donna’, Olivia Mancini, for the low down on what we can expect and some background on that name.

So, uh, Donna?

"Last fall, old music buddies Ed Donohue (Donny Hue & the Colors) and Olivia Mancini (Olivia Mancini & the Mates) packed themselves, two acoustic guitars, and some of their favorite originals and oldies covers into a Volvo station wagon for their first ever tour as an acoustic duo. At a particularly memorable show in Charlottesville, a well-meaning but confused MC introduced them first as "Ed and Donny." And then as "Eddie and Don." And then, finally, serendipitously, as "Ed and Donna." Ed and Donna were born!

Ed and Donna specialize in the kind of harmony-heavy oldies songs they love to listen to, and they've crafted some of their own songs to reflect their appreciation for groups like the Everly Brothers, the Association, and the early Beatles.

For this Christmas-themed show, Ed and Donna invited some of their musical friends from around town to play some of their favorite holiday tunes. Meredith Bragg will appear, as will May Tabol of Pree. Comedic rapper The Randipulator will dazzle audiences, as well as reggae princess Lady Hatchett. Good times groups the Staccattos and the Fond Regards are also set to appear, in addition to Maureen Andary of DC's The Sweater Set. We'll have percussion instruments for those who want to join in and we'll encourage everyone to sing along with popular holiday tunes like, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas."

Tickets are $4 and the show will start at 9."

Yes, the tickets are just $4.00 but we’ve got a pair to give away along with a copy of Olivia Mancini & the Mates’ latest ‘You Can See Mountains From Here.’ Hit is with your seasonal anecdote in the comments to this post (with contact info—important!) and the cheeriest of the lot will get one extra gift this year courtesy of Ed and Donna. We’ll choose our winner by Thursday (12/17) at noon!

Olivia Mancini & The Mates - Graphology (Mp3)
Donny Hue and the Colors - Mr. Red Blues (Mp3)

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DC said...

we wish you a very merry "i can't believe you would even dare say the word "christmas" when we specifically told you that we ARE the ACLU and "christmas and all things related to it are dead.." - the ACLU (i'm sure that's a direct quote from someone in the organization....surely it is.)