Friday, December 4, 2009

TVD Recommends | Story/Stereo

The third edition of Story/Stereo is TONIGHT. Co-curator Matt Byars gives us an overview...

"I was going to write about Zomes' show tonight for Story/Stereo #3 at the Writer's Center in Bethesda (8:00 PM, with authors Dylan Landis and Brian Gilmore), but I'm coming up blank. After full days of explaining things to 6th graders (I'm a middle school teacher), I treasure things that don't need explanation, and that elude language; Zomes fit the bill.

Their "Fig Newtons of grainy Krautrock" (as described by one reviewer), just are, in the simplest sense of the word; what could I say that would embellish that? I admit that the backstory builds interest — Asa Osborne, who effectively is Zomes, is best-known for his work in the legendary Dischord outfit Lungfish — but shut off the critique and comparison parts of your temporal lobe and just let Zomes' gritty, swirling drones wash over you."

Zomes - Clear Shapes (Mp3)
Zomes - Black Magic Band (Mp3)

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IntangibleArts said...

Egad, I've been neglecting my bloggy brethren for a while. Just tuned in to find the Zomes material. Fig Newtons of grainy Krautrock indeed.

Great stuff. The Lungfish connection is clear, but love the selfish minimalism. Me diggy.