Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TVD Recommends | Soul: The Classics (An Album Cover Art Exploration)

Without a doubt, a fine way to spend tomorrow evening. From the press release:

Soul. It’s considered by most to be a weighty word. It’s used to describe a variety of people, places, and things and even the most intangible of ideas. Soul has implications of every kind, from food to the spiritual, but perhaps none are greater than it being used to define an era and a genre of music.

Coming off the success of their previous RAP exhibition, on Wednesday, December 2, Art vs Commerce, Smirnoff Vodka, and The Source Magazine will again partner on the second installment of The Classics – with Series 2: SOUL.

Similar to the first exhibition, this version will feature a bevy of album cover art, however this one will consist of over forty classic Soul album covers, courtesy of DJ YZO. SOUL, in some ways, will actually serve as a prequel to RAP, in that a variety of the albums on display contain songs that have been sampled and used in many classic rap music records.

Taking it’s lead from RAP, SOUL will take place at Lounge of 3 (1013 U St. NW) from 5pm-9pm and will again have Nick Da 1da and DJ 2-Tone Jones providing the sounds, along with DJ YZO. Guests will also be treated to a new series of complimentary signature cocktails from 7pm-9pm courtesy of Smirnoff, which include the Stevie Wonder and Gil Scott Heron.

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