Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TVD's 401K

So, I don’t come to the record store thing just out of the blue. To be fair, I’ve worked in TWO record stores to date. Both were Record Worlds—the corporate variety—where it was mandated that all of the employees, except for the managers, sport blue polyester vests. Y’know – to differentiate you from the other riff raff browsing through the import bins or what have you.

Record World, both based in malls at the time, wasn’t the type of place that would buy used LPs however—it was purely new stuff and catalog items. Which didn’t bother me so much at the time...hell, half my collection was ‘new’ THEN. Now it’s vintage.

But even with the vests and the mall location, the Record World was the place to BE and oddly at the time I found my self at the dawn of the new ‘superior’ format, or so it seemed.

Back in ‘88 at the Georgetown Park Mall location of Record World (ground floor next to the Mrs. Fields) we were dispatched one morning to pack up all of the vinyl records from the bins to make room for (...gasp!) the CDs.

I laughed with my coworker Wishbone at the time, “These’ll never catch on...”

I was just sorta’ right.

The Sound - Sense Of Purpose (Mp3)
Comsat Angels - Independence Day (Mp3)
Art Brut - Summer Job (Mp3)
Icicle Works - When It All Comes Down (Mp3)
XTC - Senses Working Overtime (Mp3)


Ron Mexico said...

1. Stop using yousendit
2. Admit to the world that the early 80s in the UK was the greatest musical scene ever of all time. Poast about it

Jon said...

1. No

2. I have.

The Disappeared said...

The Sound, the Comsat Angels *and* XTC in the same post. I think I've come home!

Thanks so much for reminding the world of some of the lost genius that surrounds us.

Jon said...

Jeremy - get in touch! Really like your band...but no surprise, eh?

thevinyldistrict at gmail dot com