Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TVD | That Old Familiar Moon

Actually, this really isn’t even a good record. Well, maybe it was for a few brief moments in ‘85 after its purchase (again from the sorely missed Yesterday and Today Records.)

Yet when it crops up in rotation on iPod shuffle, I’m reminded of some very good times indeed. Clearly a case of the messenger over the message.

I AM a fan however of the manner in which Trouser Press dismissed it:

“The good news about this California-based Scottish-American trio is that they're not as pretentious or as distant as the name. The bad news is they're close to it. Utterly without personality or purpose, the eleven slickly produced tracks (with titles like "Heartache Feeds Heartache" and "Past Your Frame") blur into one another, with the smooth, modern sound of guitars and keyboards approximating an updated Moody Blues. Except for Dan Phillips' cloyingly over-emotional and gimmicky vocals, these sculptures are faultless to a fault.”

“Utterly without personality or purpose.” ...I’ve got a new catch phrase.

You’ve been warned:

A Drop In The Gray - All The Same (Mp3)
A Drop In The Gray - Wide Eye One (Mp3)
A Drop In The Gray - Fall And Cry (Mp3)
A Drop In The Gray - Heartache Feeds Heartache (Mp3)
A Drop In The Gray - Turn Me Round (Mp3)

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