Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TVD | Flares of Brilliance

From yesterday’s points for consideration, we have my pal Shamus delighting in the experience of discovering new sounds and new music, film auteur Woody Allen commenting that, "When you first start out you're always striving for greatness and perfection and then after some years reality sets in and you realize that you're not going to get it," and Mika performing at the Palladium with his vocal tracks on hard drive. (Now with youtube’d evidence.)

The first band to snake charm me into music was Sweet. The eight year olds of today being seduced by garbage and I stand like the Native American Indian in the antilittering TV commercial with one tear ...streaming down my cheek.

This morning I noticed a few grey hairs.

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz (Mp3)
Sweet - Fox On The Run (Mp3)
Sweet - Action (Mp3)
Sweet - Love Is Like Oxygen (Mp3)
Sweet - The 6-Teens (Mp3)

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Mushi Loola said...

Ahh, the formative years.

If I could (PLEASE!) get these words — so AM radio-branded into my gray matter — removed, oh, the things I could have done with my life.

Aww, eff it! I love to hate every word (singing them to myself, secretly rockin'it on the pod).