Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a TVD 1,000 Post, 24-Hour Ticket Giveaway! | Art Brut, Sunday, October 18th at The Black Cat

One of our absolute favorite bands here at TVD HQ, Art Brut is on the road in support of their new release “Art Brut vs. Satan” and the tour stops right here.

In DC. On Sunday. At The Black Cat. And we’ve got. Tickets. A pair.

But you’ve got only a tiny window to grab them as we need to have a winner by this time tomorrow. So, pen your pleas post haste in the comments to this post to procure the pair (with contact info!) We’re choosing a winner tomorrow (10/16) at noon!

"So many bands are just putting it on/Why can't they be the same as their songs?/I can't help it, I'm so naïve/Another record with my heart on the sleeve..."

Art Brut - Alcoholics Unanimous (Mp3)


Kiera Zitelman said...

Yes please. I seriously love Art Brut. Alcoholics Unanimous. One of my favorite songs. Eddie Argos is king.

Jana!!! said...

Oh yikes hope I'm not too late. I've loved Art Brut for awhile and so does my boyfriend. This would make his day/week/month. Also their song about the Replacements is awesome. E-mail is

Valerie said...

I, too, have been up all night, making mistakes. Lots of mistakes. I'd love a night with other such kindred spirits.