Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TVD Class of '76 | 'School Days' by Stanley Clarke

Jeff from AM, Then FM returns with another dip into the '70's box of LPs:

Back in the '70s in our part of Wisconsin, beer was our regular vice, but we did sample other substances from time to time.

Likewise, rock was our regular sound, but we did sample other vibes from time to time.

"School Days," the 1976 album by jazz bassist Stanley Clarke was one such vibe.

I'm not all that knowledgeable about jazz, so let's just call this record the place where rock meets funk meets jazz. That will have to do.

I may not be able to deconstruct it, but I have long enjoyed it -- from the memorable three-note bass riff that opens "School Days" to the tribal-sounding percussion on "The Dancer" to the triple-guitar attack and funky horns on "Hot Fun."

Stanley Clarke - School Days (Mp3)
Stanley Clarke - The Dancer (Mp3)
Stanley Clarke - Hot Fun (Mp3)

"School Days" is out of print but is available digitally.

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Lisa Winston said...

Ohhhh ... just seeing this album cover brings back great memories. To me, "School Days" and "Rock and Roll Jelly" (from "Modern Man") were two of the catchiest and funkiest bass-driven songs ever for someone who isn't really a "jazz" person ... when my daughter started playing electric bass at age 12 I ran out and bought both CDs for her!