Saturday, September 5, 2009

TVD Vinyl Giveaways for the Last 33-1/3 Days of Summer!

So, my mom’s dog has come to live with me since mom's fall last month. And now that my mother’s in a nursing home, ol’ Pete may become a permanent DC resident.

Which would be fine more or less, ‘cept for that damn walk he needs at 6:15 AM. But up until today, stepping out into the predawn air was like stepping out into a sauna—the transition from sheets to streets quite comfortable, really.

Not so today, however: Fall’s suddenly and without warning, nipping at our collective necks. And while I admit I’m ready for the season to have its way with me, I prefer to be kissed before being f’d. Y’know – just a little. I mean, what a jolt this morning.

But you guys? You get to charm the pants off us in the comments before fall officially arrives to win this week’s vinyl giveaway: The Dead Weather’s ‘Horehound.’

( how I tied that all in?)

OK, now let’s review: You – charming and arresting comment with contact info. Us: suitably dewey. We: send you LP. How simple, right?

This 33-1/3 Days of Summer Vinyl Giveaway ends next Monday (9/7) when we'll queue up yet another! Now, get to it!


kevin said...

ive heard nothing but good things about the dead weather.
ive read some articles about them, but i really need to sit down and listen to them, im sure the reviews are right.

-kevin of

Jon said...

Hey Kevin...get in touch with your email address...