Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TVD Back to the Old House

So, it seems that last week’s visit to the old house most likely won’t be the last. The house has got to go up for sale and ultimately the contents of two lives passed, boxed and moved. On the upside, I may be able to squeeze another week of posts out of the endeavor, so there’s that.

Quite a few of you have called, emailed, sent tweets, and Facebook’d me inquiring about my mom. Many thanks to all of you for the support and the awfully warm sentiments.

She’s doing fine it seems, and I’ve only received one call from the nursing home so far. I anticipated, “She’s pulled a knife on Mrs. Jones in the community room...” or “Boy did she ever tell Mr. Smith where to go...”

But, no. She’s been trying to give her jewelry and rings away to the other residents saying something like, “This would look FANTASTIC on you...” I’m told.

And oddly, that seems just about...right.

Glasvegas - Daddy's Gone (Single Version) (Mp3)
Slaughter & The Dogs - Where Have All the Boot Boys Gone (Mp3)
ACDC - Gone Shootin' (Mp3)
Rainbow - Since You've Been Gone (Mp3)
Tommy Keene - Places That Are Gone (Mp3)


eddie said...

kinda similar circumstances for me... before my mom passed away in Trenton NJ two yrs ago I had to make many grim emergency trips up there from DC. Had no geriatric case mgr, and with the new HIPAA law the hosps won't give any info over the phone so it was pretty maddening. But at least the family home was sold by then and she was just in an apt. But it was a separate ordeal a couple yrs earlier to get rid of all the accumulated stuff in the house. Now I'm very conscientious of how much 'stuff' I keep

Jon said...

I hear ya regarding the 'stuff.' But I have a TON of LPs and books...I guess someone will have some ebaying in their future after I shuffle off.

The best thing to do right away when this situation arises is to petition the courts for Power of Attorney and a Guardianship - both I did sooner than later. It's like a trump card to get around those rules.