Wednesday, July 8, 2009

TVD | (Un)covered

I worry too much about the big picture. I get in the way of myself often, focusing on direction rather than the immediate. I worry that the immediate’s fleeting and direction’s deflection. I follow the numbers too closely. Where are they coming from? Where are you coming from? Why am I putting in all this time? Why is everyone so quiet? The downloads exceed bandwidth. I’m planned out weeks in advance. Sometimes it’s by the seat of the pants. Sometimes it lands in my lap and I just give ‘em away. I’m uploading. I’m downloading. Processing. Color correcting. Fact checking. Checking syntax. Saying what I mean but barely.

In the name of . . . . music.

I’d say that’s 'it' but after yesterday’s MJ spectacle, love him, hate him, or someplace in the center like me—it’s the one common denominator between us. Some say love, or life, even liberty—but that’s horseshit. The grace notes are binding.

And tearing me up quite often.

Gary Clark - This Is Why, J. (Mp3)

Gangway - The Loneliest Being (Mp3)
Harry Nilsson - Wasting My Time (Mp3)
The Clientele - Isn't Life Strange (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - One To One (Mp3)


Kakaya Zanuda said...

And thanks so much for these grace notes you share with those of us who never knew that our net happiness would slightly increase with a dose of Ventures, or a Herbie Hancock Nirvana cover. The MJ extravaganza does puzzle me. Is it ad money? Does CNN profit from giving the farewell concert the close coverage associated with a presidential election? Or is it all just cheap filler to fill the quiet summer hours when there are no new episodes to draw people in? No Time for any of that here, there's a new record on the turntable, and have you picked up this new Dark Was the Night comp yet? Lovely sweet sounds, little packaging in the way of liner notes, but the music is all you need sometimes. No filler, just as with your blog, thank you again.

Jon said...

I think that just made my day...