Thursday, July 23, 2009

TVD On Your (AM) Radio

Around the time MJ passed away, someone commented on one of the many TV and radio broadcasts that he felt lucky to have had ‘Thriller’ as a kid because, at a very early age one doesn’t ‘choose’ music, your environment and surroundings dictate what's consumed more or less.

Now, in the ‘70’s when I still counted my age in single digits, AM radio out of New York City (WNBC and WABC respectively) was omnipresent in my home. If you were to ask me then, I would have convinced you with the utmost sincerity that my two favorite bands were The Beatles and KISS—but I was absorbing so much more without even knowing it.

So, if you haven’t detected it already, we’re bringing some of that background music to the fore this week.

Oh—and you parents out there? I’d consider just tossing the radio out the window. Just pitch it. Y’know, for ‘the kids sake.’

Donna Summer - MacArthur Park (Original Promo 7'' Version) (Mp3)
The Emotions - Best Of My Love (Mp3)
The Floaters - Float On (Mp3)
Jigsaw - Sky High (Mp3)
Paul Nicholas - Heaven On The 7th Floor (Mp3)

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jb said...

All worthy songs from the days of AM radio. "Float On" shouldn't work, but it does, even if Larry seems a little too excited to tell us that his sign is Cancer. "Heaven on the Seventh Floor" hasn't worn particularly well, but it's a kick to hear. "Sky High" and "Best of My Love" sound great whenever they come on.

With iPods, today's kids lose the serendipity that comes when "your environment and your surroundings dictate what's consumed." I wouldn't have sought out Donna Summer the year I was 18, but "MacArthur Park" is part of the tapestry of that year, even though I wasn't a fan. (I ended up playing it the first day I was ever on the radio.)