Monday, June 1, 2009

TVD's 20 Perfect Tracks | 1-5

Much like the house specials or the house wine you’ve become accustomed to when visiting your favorite restaurant, we here at TVD think it might be wise to serve up some of our own ‘house specialties’ in the form of what we’re calling this week, ‘20 Perfect Tracks.’

I mean, we do a boat-load of complaining around these parts, why not underscore 20 tracks this week that we feel are: damn fine. Now, these aren’t the only perfect 20 out there by ANY means, but these are a set we feel form a basis for what we need to hear to get the TVD Stamp o’ Approval.

From time to time perhaps we’ll revisit the theme, but for now, sit back, fire up the hookah, and snuggle up with two perfect 10’s.

The first five:

Starling Electric - The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Mp3)
The Vapors - Daylight Titans (Mp3)
The Posies - Flavor Of The Month (Mp3)
Blondie - Union City Blue (Mp3)
Crowded House - Black And White Boy (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

Nice to see some recognition for the Vapors' great, neglected second lp. I'd probably pick Jimmy Jones or Lenina as my perfect tracks, but Titans is good too. Can't argue with Union City Blue though! Need to check out the rest. Thanks!


JON said...

'Magnets' as a perfect LP, frankly. (Perhaps minus a track here or there...)