Monday, June 15, 2009

A TVD Ticket Giveaway | Better Than Ezra, Tuesday (6/16) at The 9:30

Better Than Ezra and I go quite a way back which might seem very odd for a guy with decidedly UK-centric tastes. One time a number of years ago, they were the very best thing to come out of a difficult relationship. (Indeed, I got custody of the BTE CDs.)

They were even there for me one humid, soggy night during Jazz Fest in 2000 when I learned a good friend had taken her own life. The band uncharacteristically took the stage that evening with an odd, twisty, and elongated ‘Live Again’ while I wept into my pint glass. (Which is a good memory if you can believe it.)

Yet, most Better Than Ezra shows actually have me laughing to tears. They’re funny guys frankly, armed with a zillion right up the center tunes which linger in your head long after the first listen. Or the second. Or the 30th. And while I’d characterize my musical tastes as very, very atypical and narrow, BTE’s the guilty pleasure I feel no guilt enjoying. Whatsoevah.

And you? Louisiana’s finest play DC this coming Tuesday night (6/16) and we’ve got a pair of tickets to join TVD at the show. Hell, I may even buy a round or seven.

So, see that little ‘comments’ button down there. Yea, that one. OK – now click it. See that window that pops up? Yea – that one right there to the left. Let us know how much you’d like to join us Tuesday night in that lil’ comments box and the one that shines the brightest gets the pair of tickets. (Please remember to include some contact info!) We’ll choose our winner Monday afternoon.

Better Than Ezra - Absolutely Still (Mp3)


T-Rob said...

BTE is not the typical band i usually listen to as my taste is a bit on the heavy side. But for whatever reason BTE puts me in a really good mood which i kind of need right now.

Plus, i may even be able to catch up with an old friend!!

Valerie said...

I love Desperately Wanting. I've only seen them once - at Camden Yards on New Year's Eve 1999. I was so drunk by the time they played that I don't remember their set at all. Maybe if I go, this time I'll remember it :)

Marty said...

Sometimes I bust out my "How Does Your Garden Grow?" cd and listen to "At the Stars". This in turn causes me to listen to the whole cd. Which causes me to dig through my cds until I find "Deluxe" and listen to the whole thing. Then I think to myself, hey, I should listen to them more often. Then I repeat the process in 14 months.
Would love to catch the show.