Friday, June 12, 2009

TVD Comes From Down in the Valley

(Ed. Note: Remember our 'TVD Writers Telethon' we held a few weeks back? Well, this morning we welcome the first of a few new voices here at the blog...)

Since this is my first post at TVD, an introduction is probably in order - Hi, I’m Dave. I grew up in the 80s listening to bands like Metallica and Guns ‘N Roses (it was a sheltered childhood ok?). I also grew up in the middle of nowhere in a hardworking but poor and undereducated family of hillbillies listening to my grandfather’s Conway Twitty and Johnny Cash records at barbeques.

You’re probably thinking these are unreconcilable influences, and for a long time they were (unless I was listening to a Rolling Stones record). But the last 15-20 years have seen a proliferation of bands made up of people my age who grew up in similar circumstances - listening to their grandparents’ country records and their friends’ punk and metal records - and have married the two tastes into a gritty, dirty, rollicking sound that appeals to almost anyone with a modicum of country music sensibility and realizes that you don’t have to be a dirty redneck to appreciate the melody of a good country song and the wonderful and evocative quality of instrumentation such as lap and pedal steel, dobro, banjo, harmonica and accordion.

The following bands all use certain of these instruments on a regular basis, but this post is about marrying country and rock sensibilities. Therefore, I’m only posting songs that manage to rock, but still implement unmistakable country awareness.

The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers (Mp3)
Lucero - Chain Link Fence (Mp3)
Drive By Truckers - Never Gonna Change (Mp3)
Two Cow Garage - Camo Jacket (Mp3)
Uncle Tupelo - Factory Belt (Mp3)


Paul said...

Great post man. Welcome.

I definitely like the songs you posted and I'm going to get more Lucero and Camo Jacket; thanks for turning me on to some new music.

Not sure if you're familiar with them, but a GREAT marriage of rock and country are the Supersuckers. Check em out!

Oldetymer said...

Welcome, nice 1st post may you have many more,anyone who likes Lucero is alright with me!

m said...

i have opened up for two cow garage many times over the years. nicest guys in the world and an unreal live show.

Dave said...

Paul- Glad you enjoyed the songs, I've definitely heard The Supersuckers!

Oldetymer- One of my favorite bands, and the best live act I've seen.

m- That's SO fucking rad! I saw them at The Red and The Black in 2007 I believe, before Dustin quit the band. Heart and balls out rock and roll, incredible show.