Monday, July 6, 2009

It's a TVD Vinyl Giveaway! | Girl In A Coma "trio b.c." (...and it's autographed!)

After a full eleven weeks of vinyl giveaways leading up to Record Store Day 2009 earlier in the year, it turns out that it’s now been quite a while since we slipped an LP into an envelope and shipped it off to one effusive and over-the-top commenter/contest winner. But our friends at Blackheart Records have come to your rescue.

We’ve got our hands on the brand new Girl In A Coma LP, "trio b.c." (which has been on mega-heavy rotation here at ol’ TVD HQ) to give away to an aforementioned over-the-top commenter. And, I should add the cover’s been signed by the full band in black(heart) Sharpie. Because they—and we—are looking out for your cool collector’s items. (See that Ash giveaway last week?!)

We’ll give you a full week on this one to plead your case in the comments section for the LP (with some sort of contact info please!) We’ll choose a winner on 7/7, so get to it!


tommarques said...

Looking over the cover album seems to be another emo band/trio. Good to know i'm wrong...they rock!

annalene said...

i'd heard of this band before, but never really gave them a listen until just now. like the commenter above, i think they sound a lot better than their style would suggest.

it's been hard for lately to find awesome all girl rock bands- but this one sounds like they have the potential to be pretty successful. i wish them luck!