Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's a TVD Ticket Giveaway | Wild Fictions, Saturday, 6/27 at The Velvet Lounge

It’s just seems like we have tickets for show after show now, doesn’t it? Well, it should—and we’ve got not just a pair of tickets, but a t-shirt and the most recent EP from local brother/sister, drum/keyboard duo Wild Fictions. Kelly and Chris are joined by Loderunner and Ribbons this Saturday night at Velvet Lounge for what’s shaping up to be a fine night of music all around.

The drill: the comments box. You: leave a comment within pleading your case (with contact info!) for the grab bag of gifts. TVD: chooses one winner come Friday. You: rock out on Saturday. TVD: you’re welcome.

Wild Fictions - Secret Society (Mp3)
Wild Fictions - 1943 (Mp3)


Ben said...

I must see these guys one more time before playing a show with them (!@!!!) in my hometown of Lafayette, LA in like 3 weeks. Gotta get my chops up! And they're oh so purdy.

Anonymous said...

I'm Wild Fiction's biggest fan!!! Best brother/sister band around. I will bring the party and the WF passion to Velvet Lounge if I am honored with these tickets!

<3 Ava

Jeff said...
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Ava said...

P.S. Nothing would please me more than wearing a t-shirt infused with Chris Dewitt's sweat from hours of hard silkscreening labor while listening to Wild Fictions EP in one ear and live show in the other.


Jeff said...

Please, Vinyl District! Wild Fictions is the GREATEST BAND ON EARTH, and this may be their last show in D.C. before this brother-sister duo goes their separate ways. Let this superfan live out his dream of seeing his favorite band one last time.