Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The TVD Telethon | Writers. We need 'em. | Day #4

“When you blog through a storm hold your head up hiiigh...”

It’s about that time, right? Exhausted and leaden with fatigue, Jerry would slump over the podium and croak this standard out and confetti would fly.

And then just like that—The Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon would usher out Summer and thrust us right back into the school year. (At least, that’s how it happened in New Jersey.)

But at the culmination of TVD’s Telethon in which we hope to attract new writers to the blog, Summer’s just beginning.

Sort of appropriate, don’tcha think?

Our operators are standing by.

Now, please welcome to the stage:

The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar (Mp3)
The Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash (Mp3)
The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction (Mp3)
The Rolling Stones - Moonlight Mile (Mp3)
The Rolling Stones - Bitch (Mp3)
The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black (Mp3)

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