Monday, April 13, 2009

TVD's Angry Old Man

Indeed, the cavalcade of crankiness and foul language begins anew...

So, last week while getting dressed for work, I had the ‘Today’ show on in the background. (For you readers abroad: morning television chat show.) Co-hosts Matt and Meredith were consulting with a home electronics guru in regard to all variations of home appliances to determine when and if it’s a good idea to have something repaired or replaced.

...then they get to the DVD player. Mr. Electronics Whiz says something to the effect of, unless you’re using your DVD player almost daily, there’s no need to repair or replace because very shortly we’re JUST GOING TO BE DOWNLOADING OUR MOVIES ANYWAY -- so why even bother?

Lemme get this straight--all of those collector’s DVD sets I’ve purchased over the past few years are now just relics? And the entertainment industry as whole hasn’t gotten wind of the groundswell back toward, not just vinyl, but physical product?

You can make the argument for convenience, etc—but don’t.

In honor of Record Store Day this very Saturday, April 18th allow me to be clear—give us something we can put in our:

Cold Hands - Window (Mp3)
Tall Hands - Fifteen On Ice (Mp3)
Vampire Hands - Opium Typhoon (Mp3)
We All Have Hooks For Hands - The Man Trying To Outfox Us All (Mp3)
Cut Off Your Hands - Still Fond (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

You do realize that laserdisc is superior to all DVD formats and downloads.

JON said...

Who knew?