Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TVD Ticket Giveaway! | Action Painters, Wednesday (4/22) at The Red & The Black

Last week's stellar First Date, Action Painters play DC on Wednesday night and TVD's got a pair of tickets to put in your hot little hands.

No, wait--it's even better than that. Allison, the band's keyboardist, emailed us with bigger ideas:

"The show at The Red & The Black on Wednesday 4/22 is the opening night of Action Painters first major tour and we're super excited to have it be in DC. It's also our first show ever in DC, so we're really looking forward to making it rock. We'll make you dance and forget about having to wake up the next day. Tell all your friends and come hang out.

The ticket giveaway winner will receive this extra hot prize package:
1. 2 tickets to the show
2. A copy of our debut record, Chubby Dancer
3. A limited edition pre-release copy of our new EP, Lay That Cable
4. A limited edition screen print tour poster by our bassist and band artist Ray Heekin
5. The band will personally hug and/or make out with 1 of the 2 ticket holders and talk about any 2 of the following topics: food, politics, the TV show 30 Rock, religion, and/or what room of your house you are letting us crash in tonight."

I suggested soliciting head shots for #5 there, but the band's just gonna wing it.

As always, plead your case in the comments to get your mitts on the tickets--AND the band. We'll choose a winner on Wednesday at noon. So, get to it and remember to leave us your email or contact info!

"Action Painters do twinkly heartache with the best of them ("Cold Dead Corner”), and their up-tempo numbers (“Never Say I'm Sorry") are convincingly jagged. It's when they let the excitement of being young and romantic make them dizzy, though, that they excel. Album opener "Absolutely Clear" can't decide whether it wants to be classic rawk or post-punk, so Haslow lets his voice tremble and shake and splits the difference, landing somewhere frenetic and epic and sweet. Buried beneath the artsy fury lies AM radio gold."


JC said...

Well, besides the fact that I think the band is awesome and destined for huge success, and I'd still pay to see them even if I did win the free tickets… or at least buy twice the equivalent of the ticket price in their choice of drink… there is this one odd, incongruous piece of information, that just might do the trick: not only do I own the same beautiful Rickenbacker that Tom plays, but it's been missing an E string ever since Wreckless Eric stayed at my house last September and broke it while trying to tune it for me. Sorry the video for "Sooner or Later" just made me think about that.

JON said...

A reminder - we need an email to contact winners!

Ross said...

I have to admit, I'm a little ambivalent at this point about making out with the band. I'm just a little confused about how this would happen. Would it all happen at once? That might be fun, but honestly I'm just not that into most of you. In this post hipster-grifter world you just have to be careful.
I have no qualms whatsoever with prices 1 through 4. Can I have #4 signed though?
See you tonight!