Monday, March 30, 2009

TVD Plugs | For March, 2009

What to do with all of those email alerts we get that we simply can't do justice throughout the week? Why, it's condense them right here in our now monthly bulletin board, 'plugs.'

This wonderwall of events info is yours to scrawl upon no matter where you're reading TVD. Have something we should be hearing, reading, or attending? Let us know each week, right here in the comments box to this post. And keep checking back to see who's clued you into what. Or where. And when.


Jon said...

Moneytown welcomes it's March guests, DJs Larry Grogan and Prestige!

Larry Grogan (Funky 16 Corners, Ashbury Park 45 Sessions) & DJ Prestige (Fleamarket Funk, Ashbury Park 45 Sessions) have been killing it at their monthly Funk and soul extravaganza in Ashbury Park, NJ. They travel to DC to bring you some of their best material to shake it to.

Friday, March 6th
Dahlak (1771 U St., NW DC)
Free! No Cover
w/ DJ Nitekrawler & special guests: DJ Larry Grogan and DJ Prestige

Some details on our guests:
Larry Grogan is best known as the man behind one of the most influential funk & soul blogs on the planet, ( ), PLUS one of the founding DJs of the Ashbury 45 sessions, a wild funk/soul dance party in NJ. His main counterpart, (and fellow DJ at the Ashbury 45 Sessions), is DJ Prestige, a man who has also become legendary via his blog: . Though neither have been on tour in quite a while, they haven't lost their ability to take the Ashbury show on the road......and they're itching to rock Dahlak to the ground. Don't miss this pair when they combine talents at Moneytown!

Jon said...


Just a quickie tonight. I've been painting a ceiling in the "sun room" and I'm bushed. But I got the music going while I'm painting. Always have to have the music playing when I'm working. Because my next record is going to be just me and a guitar I've really been paying attention to classic songwriters and particularly singers. It's been a great challenge and exercise. Who do I listen to? Well the rock and roll greats. There's a ton of them, and despite the fact that it was really before my time, (despite what you might think) those rock and roll pioneers totally had it going on. Elvis, Little Richard, Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly,Eddie Cochran, John Lennon, God these guys send me to another planet. They just wash my troubles away. And it's not about hitting the right notes. Although, y'know for the most part they did. But they're like actors. Creating moods and scenes that sometimes seem so incomprehensible to me. And it's odd, I consider myself a lyric guy and yet it's the screams or the nonsense syllables that transport me. There's a billion great ones. Early Rod Stewart. (There, I said it, I'm out of the closet.) And what the blue blazes was going on with Freddie Mercury? (I'll tell you a great story. I was crossing the street once with my friend Howard Thompson going to see a movie at Carnegie Hall about Otis Redding another singer of higher math proportions and we were having an argument as to who was better, ABBA, (his choice) or Queen, (mine). Finally, in frustration, Howard screams at me in the middle of 72nd street, "At least ABBA had a REAL girl in the band!!". Pretty fucking funny right?) And Sam Cooke. And on and on. It sure is humbling. Makes me paint really shitty too when I get excited. I'm glad I still get that rush I did when I was a kid when I hear music. I hope I never lose that. The other day I was in the car driving at night on my way home from Asbury Park and "Boys" by The Beatles came on the radio. And I have SIRIUS in my car which means that you can play the song over again if you want. When is the last time you heard "Boys"? It's sung by the NON-SINGER in the band. The drummer. Ringo. He couldn't really sing. He sings the shit out of it. I played it, honest, sit down for this, 27 times.. I couldn't believe how rocking it was. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong but it doesn't seem like Matchbox 20 ever ever rocked this hard. It was like their lives depended on it. Not their wallets. This has nothing to do with nothing I guess except inspiration or that little spiritual gas station that gets you from point A to point B without losing your mind. Maybe like there's a purpose why we're all here. At least for me. Thanks for listening, I'm really excited about my next album can ya tell? Good night now.

Jon said...

The Caribbean will be performing at the great Galaxy Hut (2711 Wilson
Blvd., Arlington) with Fulton Lights from Brooklyn.
Sunday night, March 8th.
Showtime: 9pm. Fulton Lights opens. The Caribbean closes.
$5 US ($6.43 CAN).

Also: download FOR FREE the new Scott Solter remix of "Do You Believe
in Dinosaurs" from Australia's Hidden Shoal Records.
From the upcoming EP Scott Solter re-Populates The Caribbean, out on
April 2nd.

Jon said...

Hey gang,

Just our usual last minute shout-out about tonight's event---it's the 5-year anniversary party of "We Fought the Big One," our monthly dj night celebrating the finest in diy post punk brillance and left-of-center independent gems! There's a real steal on Belgians tonight: $5 for bottles of red and blue Chimay and DeKonick on tap! Plus we will be joined by Kevin Pedersen, who runs the wonderful What's Your Rupture? label in NY!

On top of that...complimentary mix cds, posters, stickers and some sharp looking WFTBO tees on offer! Like I said earlier, we're pulling out all the stops here to say thanks!

Hope you will join us for the fun, merriment & guaranteed tomfollery!

"We Fought the Big One"
5-Year-Anniversary Party
w/guest dj Kevin Pedersen
3203 Mt. Pleasant St. NW
Washington DC 20010
10pm - 3am

Jon said...

Dischord Records News: March 10, 2009

Touch & Go

News that Touch & Go Records has suspended label operations has been a
blow to us at Dischord. We first met Corey Rusk in 1981, when he was
in the Necros, and have worked closely with Touch and Go ever since.
We have always looked to Corey and the wonderful people who have
worked for him over the years as prime examples of good people doing
good things. We may have developed different business models over time
but we always considered them kindred spirits, partners in this shared
musical community that they helped to create and sustain. We salute
Touch & Go for all the great music they have released over the years
and wish the label the very best as they reorganize.

Dischord Vinyl Re-mastered Series

As part of our ongoing effort to update and/or re-issue much of our
vinyl catalog we now have the following 12" LPs back in stock (all LPs
have been re-cut, re-mastered and include a free MP3 Download):

Newly Re-Mastered LPs:

090 FUGAZI Red Medicine 12" LP+MP3 - March 2009 (black vinyl)
044 FUGAZI Repeater 12" LP+MP3 - March 2009 (black vinyl)
024 EMBRACE Self Titled 12" LP+MP3 - March 2009 (red vinyl)
009 SCREAM Still Screaming 12" LP+MP3 - March 2009 (white vinyl)
008 FAITH/VOID Split 12" LP+MP3 - March 2009 (purple vinyl)
010 MINOR THREAT Out of Step 12" EP+MP3 - December 2008 (black vinyl,
new art)
012 MINOR THREAT First 2 7"s 12" EP+MP3 - December 2008 (black vinyl,
new art)
019 DAG NASTY Can I Say 12" LP+MP3 - December 2008 (black vinyl, new
030 FUGAZI 7 Songs 12" EP+MP3 - December 2008 (black vinyl)
026 DAG NASTY Wig Out at Denkos 12" LP+MP3 - November 2008 (black
vinyl, new artt)
118 ONE LAST WISH 1986 12" LP+MP3 - November 2008 (first time on vinyl!)

123 Q AND NOT U No Kill No Beep Beep 12" LP - April 2009 (yellow vinyl)
016 RITES OF SPRING Self Titled 12" LP+MP3 - April 2009 (black vinyl)
070 FUGAZI In On The Killtaker 12" LP+MP3 - May 2009 (black vinyl)
In The Works:

013 MARGINAL MAN Identity 12" EP+MP3 - 2009
021 GRAY MATTER Take It Back 12"+MP3 - 2009
048 GRAY MATTER Food For Thought 12" LP+MP3 - 2009
035 FUGAZI Margin Walker 12" EP+MP3 - Mid 2009
To read more about re-mastered Dischord vinyl go here

Title Tracks & Q And Not U

John Davis of Q And Not U and Georgie James, has started a new band
called, Title Tracks. Dischord will be releasing their debut 7 Inch
single featuring the songs "Every Little Bit Hurts" b/w "Found Out" on
April 6th.

The long out of print debut Q And Not U single, Hot And Informed, is
being re-issued and we are also re-mastering their debut full-length,
No Kill No Beep Beep, on 12" vinyl. Both should be available in early
April along with the Title Tracks single.

Medications & Edie Sedgwick Tour

Medications and Edie Sedgwick have booked a joint tour to take part in
the SXSW festivities. At SXSW Medications and Edie Sedgwick will be
playing several shows including a showcase at The Radio Room sponsored
by Lovitt Records and Slip Productions on Sat March 21st. Medications
will serve as Edie's backing band on this tour as well as performing
their own set of new songs written with the newest Medications member,
Mark Cisneros.

Edie Sedgwick will then embark on a European tour beginning in late
April. Edie's band for this tour will include Basla Andolsun
( Andalusians), Chad Molter ( Medications), Jess Mathews (Gestures).

The Andalusians

The new Andalusians single, Do The Work, is available on Dischord
Records. This single features a 6-song download which includes the 3
songs on the 7" plus 3 extra tracks (this 6-song EP is also available
simply as a download). The band, which features Dischord's Basla
Andolsun (Edie Sedgwick, Beauty Pill, Del Cielo), toured the southern
and midwestern United States in February and plan more extensive
regional and national touring throughout 2009.

Box Set "Bonus" MP3 Compilation

The 20 Years of Dischord Box Set now includes a Bonus Download
Compilation of the 14 bands who have had releases since 2000. This
compilation is offered as a free download with the purchase of the 20
Years of Dischord Box Set and is also be sold separately, exclusively
from the Dischord website.

Bands featured on the Box Set Bonus Compilation include:
1. The Capitol City Dusters 2. El Guapo 3. Pupils 4. Black Eyes 5.
Beauty Pill 6. Antelope 7. Medications 8. French Toast 9. Evens 10.
Channels 11. Soccer Team 12. Joe Lally 13. Aquarium 14. Edie Sedgwick

Fugazi Live Series

The entire catalog of Fugazi Live Series CDs has been re-stocked and
is again available for sale, exclusively from the Dischord website.
These CDs and digital downloads are not available anywhere else.

The Shirks

The Shirks, who feature an ex-member of The Problematics and include
Andy Gale from Dischord, just released their 2nd 7", DC is Doomed. The
band has recorded an album worth of material but will be releasing the
songs exclusively on various singles over the next year.

New Mi Ami Album on Quarterstick

Mi Ami, who feature Daniel and Jacob from Black Eyes, have released
their debut full-length, Watersports and a 12" single from the album
on Quarterstick Records. This follows their self-released 12" EP, "Ark
of the Covenant."

Lovitt Records News

Lovitt Records will be sponsoring a SXSW showcase at the Radio Room
with Slip Productions on Sat March 21st that will feature Medications,
Edie Sedgwick and almost all of the Lovitt roster.

The Mercury Program will be releasing their next full length which is
entitled " Chez Viking" on Lovitt Records. The record should be
released early this summer.

Fin Fang Foom is currently in the studio working on their next full
length for Lovitt which should be also be out this Summer.

Auxes is about to go on a 5 week European tour. For dates, go to:

Stephen Howard's (Pinebender) solo project, Quieting Syrup, will be
releasing a CD on Lovitt in the next months.

Pygmy Lush will be releasing a split 12" with Turboslut on Exotic
Fever Records in March.

MP3 Content at

Most of the Dischord catalog is available to download in the form of
high quality (320 kbps), non-restricted (DRM-free), MP3 files directly
from our website. Currently we have digital tracks available for most
full Dischord titles, Northern Liberties, Peterbilt, and the Fugazi
Live Series. New digital content will be added regularly as it becomes
available (including select Dischord 1/2 label stuff and obscure and
previously out of print material).

Free Egg Hunt Tracks For All Dischord Customers

As a small token of our appreciation for taking the time to visit and
create a new account at we have added the songs from
the Egg Hunt single to every one of our customers' personal accounts
to download for free. Every new customer who creates a new account
will also have these tracks automatically added to their personal
account. You will find download links to these tracks by logging in at
, clicking on My Account and looking under My Digital Tracks.

Lux Interior RIP

Without Lux Interior and The Cramps there is a fair chance that
Dischord never would have come into existence. Thirty years ago Jeff
and Ian went to see the Cramps play at Georgetown University's Hall of
Nations and came out of the gig inspired to form a band. By that
summer they were in The Slinkees and by fall they were playing in The
Teen Idles. A year later The Teen Idles created Dischord and released
their posthumous record.

We are deeply saddened by the news of Lux's death and want to send our
thoughts to his family. He was beyond inspirational...
He was the garbageman.
Thank you, Lux.

Most Recent Dischord Releases

ANDALUSIANS Do The Work 3-song 7" + 6-song MP3 / Digital EP
EDIE SEDGWICK Things Are getting Sinister & Sinisterer 12" LP+MP3 /
Digital Album (no CD)
FARAQUET Anthology 1997-98 CD / LP+MP3 / Digital
RAIN La Vache Qui Rit CD / Digital
DEADLINE 8/2/82 CD / Digital
VARIOUS ARTISTS Flex Your Head 12" LP (back in stock on colored vinyl)
NATION OF ULYSSES 13 Point Program to Destroy America 12" LP" (back in
stock on colored vinyl)
RITES OF SPRING All Through A Life 7" (back in stock on heavy-weight
black vinyl)
Recent Dischord Digital Additions

VARIOUS ARTISTS Box Set Bonus MP3 Compilation 14-songs
ANTELOPE Self Titled EP (6-songs)
SHUDDER TO THINK Curses, Spells, Voodoo, Mooses (15-songs)
BEAUTY PILL Cigarette Girl From the Future (5-songs)
SOULSIDE Less Deep Inside Keeps (10-songs)
Q AND NOT U Hot And Informed (3-songs)
Recent DC Label Releases and Re-stocks

SHIRKS Dangerous 7"
SHIRKS DC is Doomed
BENJY FERREE Come Back to the 5 and Dime... CD
MONUMENT 3 Song 7"
BAD BRAINS Roir Sessions 12" LP
BAD BRAINS Rock For Light CD / 12" LP
BAD BRAINS Black Dots CD / 12" LP"
BLACK MARKET BABY Coulda Shoulda Woulda CD
GOVERNMENT ISSUE Complete History Volume 1 2XCD
GOVERNMENT ISSUE Complete History Volume 2 2XCD
Find Dischord Records at:
Find Dischord band tour dates at:

Jon said...

Looking for a *HOT* meal to feed your *SOUL* tonight?

Saint Ex(1847 14th Street, NW, DC)
DJs Lunch Money, Almighty Dollah & Nitekrawler
Bringing that *real funk and soul* to your chest

Jon said...

This just in from Crooked Beat!

We will be hosting an in store performance by the DC band the Andalusians on Friday March 27th at 7PM. The Andulsians recently released a 7" EP on Dischord Records. It was one of our top local sellers for the month of February 2009.

Jon said...

This Thursday, The Caribbean will perform at The Black Cat [1811 14th
Street NW]. The Caribbean will hit the plate second [around 10pm]
while honoree Impossible Hair headlines and celebrates the release of
their new record. Impossible Hair's Telecaster maelstrom is killer
and, their graphic design sausage rolllllllllll [see below]. Olivia
Mancini & The Mates open.

In Sum:
Impossible Hair, The Caribbean, Olivia Mancini & The Mates
Thursday, April 2, 2009 9pm
at The Black Cat 1811 14th St. NW
8 dollars US

Jon said...

"Hot Pants and Popcorn"
What: Night of Mayhem
Host: $ Moneytown $
Start Time: Friday, April 3 at 10:00pm
End Time: Saturday, April 4 at 3:00am
Where: Dahlak

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below: