Monday, February 2, 2009

TVD Laugh Tracks | Bill Hicks

It's a testament to how far one can get up one's own ass to think that up until now - this very week - we've featured nothing but music on vinyl. Yet, the comedy LP has a long history we'll touch on in the coming days and certainly in the months to come.

So, download these and set yourself up for one serious cubicle chuckle. Word to the wise too: listen with the volume verry low. What Hicks has in store for Limbaugh and his ilk will not just offend those with a conservative stripe but may just curdle a stomach or seven. Or eight.

That said: HILARIOUS.

Bill Hicks - I'm Bill Hicks And I'm Dead Now (Mp3)
Bill Hicks - What Is Pornography? (Mp3)
Bill Hicks - Dick Joke Island (Mp3)
Bill Hicks - That's The Story Of Jesus (Mp3)
Bill Hicks - It Seemed So Plausible (Mp3)


Prof. Festus X. "White Shoes" Throckmorton said...

To each his own, of course, but to me, Hicks is one of the all-time overrated comics. Yeah, he got off a good one every now and then, but for the most part, he was a one-trick pony. The "trick" was "I'm cynical and condescending, and if you don't laugh at me, you're just wrong," and people ate it up. It's much easier than actually having an act.

JON said...

I don't think you can listen to these tracks and make that argument...but yep--to each his own...

eddie said...

old out-of-print comedy lps are much appreciated