Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TVD Weekly Wax | Adrian Borland/The Sound

Threw himself under a train, poor Adrian did. And while it might be unfair to mention that up front, I've discovered 95% of his music with that knowledge in mind. Why is it that the most creative of us are so self-destructive?

Yesterday's live tracks we're from 1985...did they sound dated to you? Maybe in the snare tone and some of the keyboard washes, but otherwise...man, that's what I need. Pure literate punk energy.

Brittle Heaven has been on our Links List since the inception of this blog and does a far better service to Adrian's history and memory than a week of posts could ever do. I urge you to give 'er a click while we concentrate briefly on the music...

...which is fine spot to reiterate that Renascent, those guys down there on the left in blue, have an exceptional catalog of releases by Adrian's band The Sound (alas just on CD). I pestered THEM to come aboard TVD and we're damn proud to see their fine efforts highlighted here.

Trouser Press called 'From the Lions Mouth' "bright, dramatic and sometimes powerful. A riveting LP — the group's best." We'd be hard pressed to disagree.

The Sound - Winning (Mp3)
The Sound - Contact The Fact (Mp3)
The Sound - Possession (Mp3)
The Sound - The Fire (Mp3)
The Sound - Silent Air (Mp3)

"'Lion's Mouth' could be the end of the line for me and 'rock' records--it's that good. -Steve Sutherland, MELODY MAKER


Deiter said...

I loved this album. My girlfriend at the time discovered it and made me a cassette copy. I logged in many miles driving to this soundtrack. Later, I looked for the record but could never find it in the stores. I did find the previous album Jeopardy, though. I was disappointed to discover it didn't sound enough like From the Lion's Mouth (dug the song Unwritten Law, though). Jeopardy was raw and unsure where Lion was confident and more polished. Jeopardy was a journey through record: Lion was the destination. Jeopardy was eventually was given to the girlfriend and my heart taken back, but the space in my heart for this album endures. These songs wear their age extremely well: No stretch marks, no soft middle; All the muscle where you remembered it would be. It's a genuine pleasure to hear these songs again. It's been a long time.

Bucketfuls of thanks for posting.

BTW, I dig the blog and visit often. Please don't stop the music and musings!

JON said...

Thank you Deiter...