Monday, January 19, 2009

TVD Plugs | For the Week of January 19, 2009

What to do with all of those email alerts we get that we simply can't do justice throughout the week? Why, it's condense them right here in our new weekly bulletin board, 'plugs.'

We don't care where you are or what city you're in--if you've got something you wanna promote or think we should be listening to or seeing or reading, this is the place to put it. Got a band? A photo exhibit? DJing some place? A good cause worth promoting? This is the spot for it. (And if you've checked that little widget waaay down there bottom left, this is a global forum, indeed.)

We'll be posting what lands in our in-box right here daily as well as welcoming your tips, and we'll be refreshing it once a week to stay on top of what we're both up to.

So, clue us in right here in the comments section to these posts. Weekly.

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JON said...

Happy New Year and Happy New President!

The Caribbean perform this Friday night, January 23
at Solly's Tavern, 1942 11th Street NW [11th & U Streets].

First up is Mariageblanc.  
Really tremendous band from Pittsburgh we met on tour a few months ago.

The Caribbean hit the stage second.

DC's Mittenfields finish things up.  
We just did a radio show with them a University of Maryland 
and they were superb.
You can listen to the entire radio show here:

According to Dave Jones of The Caribbean, shows at Solly's get going early.  
"Their website says 7:00," says Dave.  " I could see the tunes starting shortly

To recap:

The Caribbean
Friday, January 23, 2009
@ 7-ish
Solly's Tavern
11th & U Streets NW

The club:

The bands: