Monday, January 5, 2009

A TVD Orpheus Records Update: The 2nd Annual Going Out of Business Sale...and a Farewell.

Direct from the source: "THIS PAST WEEKEND COMMENCED OUR 2nd ANNUAL "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE". To Commemorate the occasion ALL THE LPS THAT WE WERE SELLING FOR ONE DOLLAR WILL BE 2 FOR A DOLLAR. We'll next be open January 9 & 10, our most recent "final days". MUSIC ALERTS: On Friday January 9 "BOX" will play an acoustic set at 7 PM, come check them out... Then on January 10, 2009 "OUR LAST HURRAH!" A Live Performance to Benefit next Fall's (2009) SONIC CIRCUITS Festival, at 7PM on Saturday, Orpheus is proud to present Blue Sausage Infant (alias Chester Hawkins) and a one-shot reunion of legendary DC noise/troublemakers NEW CARROLLTON!. Each attendee who donates the suggested donation amount of $5 will receive 10 FREE Lps valued at half a dollar. So come on down and watch great live music and cash in on some great LP bargains! The new release & re-issue lps that have never been part of the sale are on display, still FULL PRICE. MOST OTHER LPS IN THE STORE ARE 2 FOR ONE DOLLAR. THAT MEANS: if the sticker says it's 99 cents it's 2 for a dollar, if the sticker says it's $9.99, it's 2 for a dollar, if the sticker says it's $29.99 or even more (not likely) it's still 2 for a dollar. Come on in, stack 'em up and buy as much as you can afford, or more, 2 for ONE DOLLAR. Please bring boxes if you need them, we're out. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to those of you who continue to watch this site AND come in to help me divert all this vinyl from my house to yours..."

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