Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TVD First Date With | Pride Tiger

It's safe to say that the Pride Tiger LP 'The Lucky Ones' was on super heavy rotation all throughout last year AND it's safe to say these guys have a love for Thin Lizzy that's pretty damn apparent. So, there's no better week when we're going through the Lizzy back catalog to get the boys back on the blog and on the record - about records. We caught up with Bob Froese, PT guitarist for his take:

"We're really into the community of it all, that's how we started this band, it was a bunch of guys who spent way to much money on vinyl, we're fucking stoked on finding some obscure music from the past, and then wanting to share it. We are also into it for the chase and the catch, its a high when you get your hands on something rare, or for a deal, or in good condition etc. There is gold everywhere you just have to be willing to look. Some would argue, but we feel that music sounds best in this format, and is the way the artist would want you to hear it."

Pride Tiger - Fill Me In (Mp3)
Pride Tiger - The Lucky Ones (Mp3)

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