Wednesday, January 7, 2009

TVD First Date With | Hollowblue

Sometimes 4 stars in Uncut and 4 stars in Italian Rolling Stone don't tell the full tale. And oddly, it could have been their list of influences on Hollowblue's myspace that got me thinking, "Ok, they get it." Hell, they namecheck David Sylvian...

We chatted with Hollowblue's vocalist Gianluca Sorace before the holidays and as such, Hollowblue is our very first 'First Date' for 2009:

"Hollowblue is an Italian band formed at the end of 2003. We released two albums: the first ep "What you left behind" (Suiteside Records), containing "Io bevo" with the UK singer Anthony Reynolds, and "Stars are crashing (in my backyard)" (Midfinger Records/Warner Chappell) - containing the song "First Avenue" with Dan Fante (American writer, son of John Fante, with whom we also toured and are preparing an entire album of music and poetry). "Stars are crashing" has been recently nominated as one of the best Italian indie debuts.

The band is Gianluca Maria Sorace vocals, guitars and piano, Marco Calderisi guitars, Giancarlo Russo bass, Federico Moi drums and Ellie Young cello and piano.

Probably because I'm not twenty, probably because I like when things are not so perfect... I prefer, when it's possible, to listen to my favourite albums on the record player at home. Of course the possibilities of mp3, cd-r and everything around all this are grandiose but I love the smell of the cardboard, the sound of the scratches and the pause between the A and the B side. I think it's more human, more natural.

I've got about 300 vinyls (about 100 of them are Bowie albums) and it's a pleasure to see them with their big artworks. I like that they take up a big space at home. I hope we could release our next albums also in that form."

Fans of Portishead, Elbow, and even The Bathers take note--this is some gorgeous stuff. Perfect for that last night with a candle or seven.

Hollowblue - We Fall (Featuring Lara Martelli) (Mp3)
Hollowblue - Tiger (Mp3)
Hollowblue - No Wings Inside (Mp3)
Hollowblue - He Comes For You (Mp3)

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