Monday, January 12, 2009

TVD Call for Contributors

I confess that over the long break I worried that this whole endeavor was losing its focus. I mean, just what the hell is all this about...all this blogging? We're not taking photos of our meals for example, or of ourselves (over, and over, and over again...) nor are we following the news, trailing trends, or attempting to be the first on the scene.

Add oddly, it's not for the love of music alone...perhaps it's more about how it weaves itself around our heads and throats and takes hold. Old stuff. Spanking new and shiny. What it reveals, conceals, liberates, and enslaves. That's it.

If you're reading, you get it. If you're rolling your eyes, then move on. Nothing to see nor hear here.

But the truth is we're growing. In readership and scope. And we need you, the members of the silent majority, to come along in concert with us. To write, photograph, interview, review...whatever it is you do best, put it on display here.

Just like the KISS Army, but this time it's just about the records. Or something.

Feel free to write directly or comment in the bog below.


Ram Venkatararam said...

Thanks for the Bluejuice. Hadn't heard of them before but really enjoyed the song and the video. Very funny stuff. All the best for the new year

dickvandyke said...

I'm still right there behind you young Jon.

All the very best as we change the calendars on life.

Davy H said...

Oh yes. Mind you, I never comment in the bog - the bog is a place for silent contemplation. HNY J! X

JON said...

Well, something's talking back in there...?

Anonymous said...

"...aaannd we're back!" If that is a SNL/Jimmy Fallon reference, you'll have my continued readership.

That, and the fact that any blog that will post The Replacements has my undying love and gratitude.

JON said..., I anticipate you as a regular then?

And the Replacements? Like a crystal ball, you be.