Friday, February 6, 2009

See you there, right?

It's an understatement to say that we here at TVD are proud to have teamed with Som Records, DC Soul, and Civilian Art Projects to bring you what we hope will be one of many Washington, DC Record Fairs.

Please join us this Sunday, February 8th in the Civilian Arts gallery located at 406 7th Street, NW for an afternoon of records, DJ’s, (adult) refreshments, and yea -- more records. We’ve got dealers from New York, Richmond, and all points in between hawking their vinyl wares. DJ’s confirmed so far include DJ’s Name Names, D-Mac, and Nitekrawler.

So, get to brunch. Knock back a few Bloody Marys (as we'll have) and join us this Sunday. We'll be the folks with our noses in the crates...

You can follow the event on Facebook too!

Update: Brightest Young Things does a piece on the record fair right here.


Dumbek said...

umm....where is it?

JON said...

I thought the Facebook link would suffice in the short term, but:

Sunday, February 8, 2009
12:00pm - 5:00pm
Civilian Art Projects
406 7th Street NW, 3rd Floor
(Chinatown/Penn Quarter section of downtown)
Washington, DC

Plenty of info to follow here and elsewhere very soon...

Dumbek said...

Thanks. Facebook is blocked here at work. :(

paul walsh said...

Jon - just saw an old post about Neil Finn/ Try Whistling This - does that mean you have it on vinyl? Because I have searched high and low for this for years. All I know is that it was deleted. Never even found anyone who has even seen a vinyl copy - please tell!

Also the domain name is available - why don't you reg. it and hook it up to your site?

Great blog. Have you heard of the new high def Korgs? Blew me away when I started recording my records .. on my blog

I am burning my CDs and deleting my mp3s.


MUKISA / retrospect. said...

i agree about the vinyldistrict domain name. you should register it, jon (it's an awesome name).

speaking of registering, i'll be on the decks at the show too. so many dealers - new and area show regulars. i plan to grab quite a bit at this one. going to be really really good stuff. i promise!

JON said...

Hey - you two are reading my mind...there's going to be a .com address soon and a TVD facelift...heard it here first...

Kevin said...

M. Jones! Retro will be bringing some good material I'm sure. I expect him to buy something from me so I have enough money to pay his mom for this rendered. Yes, I just posted a "your mom" joke on the vinyldistrict. Sorry Jon!

JON said...


paul walsh said...

jon i just registered if you want it - before some unscrupulous person does

if this was not the domain you were planning on let me know and i can delete it (within 5 days) at no charge - otherwise you are welcome to the name for free - it is at Dynadot just set up a free account and i will push it to your account - cheers - you can move it from there to wherever you want of course too

pls. let me know about the Neil Finn album .. :)

JON said...

Hey Paul,

Email me directly:
jon.meyers AT