Monday, December 1, 2008

TVD's 70's | 1973

Do you guys have any holiday traditions? I hadn't realized that I truly had any until last week when I was struggling to recreate some items for Thanksgiving dinner that both my mom and dad had perfected over the years--mine with limited success, actually.

I've got the turkey down but it's the stuffing of all things that gave me the most headaches. But year in and year out at THIS point, the traditional task seems to have fallen to me with thankfully, some of my dad's directions he transcribed to recipe cards to guide me along. Sadly though, I never got one for that stuffing which he pulled together each year with celery-salted flair.

A tradition that seems to have a head start in the making is the yearly over-infusion of red wine and the subsequent sing-along to the 70's vinyl. Toss in the tambourine and the assorted other hand percussion items and you've got the makings of one good time. Either that or a noise complaint. (It's 50/50, really.)

Another thing I noticed as the four day weekend went along was indeed the nostalgia for those 70's tunes seems to reappear each year about this time. I'm not sure what it is to be specific, perhaps just the feeling of those comfort devices that re-imagine childhood and a child's soundtrack.

Far be it for me however to relegate my flared favorites to TVD HQ alone, so this week (and next week, perhaps), as we did some time last year, we'll delve into the '70's bag of tunes (randomly by year and not in sequence - just cuz) and begin a new TVD tradition at the very same time. It should also be noted that the TVD posts with the largest frequency of revisits are actually last years 70's themed two weeks, so maybe the traditional reoccurrence of all things bell-bottomed will become a tradition you guys anticipate as much as I do. We'll see...

Paul McCartney & Wings - Band On The Run (Mp3)
Elton John - Daniel (Mp3)
Seals & Crofts - Diamond Girl (Mp3)
Todd Rundgren - Hello It's Me (Mp3)
Alice Cooper - No More Mister Nice Guy (Mp3)


Emily said...

love, love, love wings! yea!!!

mmrules said...

Sweet !
Daniel,love that song..
Thanks.. :)

mmrules said...

70's theme,Cool..

How about some Be Bop Deluxe ?
One of the Best Bands no ones ever heard of..

JON said...

BBD...done MM!

And to think I was concerned that this theme may have run its course...