Thursday, December 4, 2008

A TVD Vinyl Giveaway | Love Is All "A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night"

Sweden’s Love Is All will be playing the Rock and Roll Hotel on December 6th and in advance of what promises to be a fine, fine show, TVD’s got a copy of their new release on ye olde vinyl to give away. ‘A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night’ is the new release and if you’ve got it in you to reveal what keeps you tossing and turning long after your head hits the pillow, spill it in the comments and we’ll choose one sleepless winner for the vinyl on Friday 12/12.

This is also a chance for TVD to give back to the readership outside of the DC border, so no matter where you tune us in, you’re eligible to win. Don’t sleep on leaving us contact info too – we’re barely awake as well...

Love Is All - Wishing Well (Mp3)


Dr.Pee said...
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Dr.Pee said...

Sung to Simon and Garfunkels "Sounds of Silence"

Hello Insomnia, my old friend
Ive come awake at three am again
Time to turn on the late night TV
Maybe watch a rerun of "Threes Company"
But I returning to the land of sleep
No not a peep...
Within the world of the sleepless

In restless nights I paced my room
Bored as hell, endless gloom
Keep thinking about the bad day ahead
I wish I would have bought a water bed
Lack of money, no woman, my problems are outta sight
So I stayed up all night...
And worried in the world of the sleepless

And by four am I knew
I was doing things mental patients do
Playing music loud without thinking
That my neighbors might be sleeping
They can knock on their wall all night long for all I care
Because no one dares
Disturb the world of the sleepless

"Ambien", said I, "You'll never know"
How much I love and need you so
But my prescription ran out yesterday
Why do things always turn out this way
So I toss and turn while drooling on my pillow sheet
And feel deplete
Living in the world of the sleepless

And so I thought I'd masturbate
But I was too tired to participate
And the alarm clock buzzed out its warning
That pretty soon it would be morning
And I promise that "I will never drink coffee right before bed again!
Or whiskey or gin"
And avoid the world of the sleepless

JON said...

OK - that one's hard to top...!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have to give it to him.