Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TVD First Date | The Safes

Hello dear reader of The Vinyl District! Frankie from The Safes here! Our music is real! We mean it. It sounds fun and you can shake butt and sing along or just put your hands in pockets and try and look cool! We don’t care!

Influences vary and change like the weather around here. I know Patrick’s really big into Elliot Smith, Spoon, Dr Dog, The Bee Gees and Zeppelin. Michael’s usual listening to Wilco, Rancid, Guided by Voices ,Louis Jordan or Sam Cooke. I love everything! And we all agree that The Flat Duo Jets, Magic Sam, Fetchin Bones, Guadalcanal Diary, Fats Domino, Joe Jackson, The Andalusian Dogs, The Kung Fu Monkeys, Bon Scott, Brian Jones, ELO, Material Issue, The Cramps, The Lovin Spoonful, Syd Barret, Bob Wills, The Rondelles, Ringo Star, The Soft Boys, The Gossip, The Shakedowns, The Differents, Mahler, and Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant are the best ever.

Can’t wait to hit the road, playing live is the best! Our live show is high energy fun! It’s kinda like one of those church services where the people became possessed and everybody’s sweating and singing as hard as they can and really feeling the spirit! Like if an old soul band from the 60 took a time machine to today and played power pop songs through totally cranked guitar amps! Hyper space with a kick ass beat.

The Safes - Sight of All Light (Mp3)
The Safes - The Sky is Falling (Mp3)

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