Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | The Reposts | Fossil "Fossil"

While we're going about the business of accepting requests for reposts, I began to think that the time might be right for some TVD reader feedback. As I contemplate the final months of this year and begin making plans for TVD for the next, I'd be interested in hearing from the many of you who visit us each day, week, or month. What would you like to see more or less of? More news? More ticket or vinyl giveaways? Live gig reviews? Vinyl reviews? Or LESS of some of the aforementioned?

It should also bear repeating that we're always looking for contributors who can be involved with some regularity here. Unique perspectives encouraged...

On to the business at hand for the day--oddly, one of THE most requested for reposting is this release from New Jersey's Fossil. And to a degree I understand. "Moon," the first track below, is really a quite the power pop gem, isn't it?

Fossil - Moon (Mp3)
Fossil - Ocean (Mp3)
Fossil - Fall (Mp3)
Fossil - Tethered (Mp3)
Fossil - Rebellion (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

Love to read more reviews and hear more tracks from bands that are releasing new stuff on Vinyl right now! Keep on keepin' strong. Shamus

IntangibleArts said...

No changes to request; this thing has evolved magnificently since I started tuning in. It's a good mix, boss.