Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TVD First Date | ...with Feral Children

So, I said, "Hey, Feral Children, what's your take on vinyl these days?"

"Vinyl commands respect. It sounds better than any other format, has stood the test of time, and requires a commitment in the way of spatial concerns--both for the vinyl itself, and from a lack of portability standpoint. The idea of vinyl with digital downloads is a great thing that solves the problem my wife has of wanting to take the new Pleasureboaters on her elipticals at the gym, while I just want to sit in my favorite chair with a glass of scotch and listen to the record spin."

Feral Children - Billionaires Vs Millionaires (Mp3)
Feral Children - Jaundice Giraffe (Mp3)
Feral Children - Zyghost (Mp3)

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Sarathan said...

Like what you hear and want the album? Use this link to purchase it on Amazon - (it'll brings more income to the band and their indie label, with no extra $$ out of your pocket):