Friday, October 24, 2008

TVD | Friday @ Random

"Hey, did you know that I'm/Always going back in time..." I was humming on Monday and maybe a few of you were too as a result. And it's true, the evidence is in and I've come to the realization that I'm hyper-nostalgic. Why, this week alone here at TVD was spent quite like so many days as a kid--listening to tunes, scouring LP lyric sheets, and staring blank faced at LP covers. (Normal fare for TVD perhaps, but man, good times indeed.)

And it's even worse than I make it out to be...why, I'm nostalgic for 5 minutes ago. (Truly, that was one schweet pot of coffee I just brewed.) I'm even nostalgic for times that were tough. Take that one Fall where my grandfather died for instance. I recall driving to his funeral with my mom and dad, while I in the backseat was held in rapt attention by the latest issue of the Aquarian, New Jersey's then alt-weekly, and every so often gazed out at the lovely trees a-turnin' all shades of orange and red and feeling quite oddly alive and vital - perhaps all of 18 at the time. Maybe I can simply force-fire those endorphins to flood at will simply by looking. Back.

I'm nostalgic for this very second, even. Another crisp Fall morning'll do that. I'm nostalgic for yesterday, last summer, last year--underscored with what are now actual ARCHIVES here at TVD where I can go back and reread what I wrote over a year ago and think, "Sheez, I'm even nostalgic for that bullshit I posted last October. Go figure."

The Bright Side - Wax Nostalgic (Mp3)
The Buckinghams - Remember (Mp3)
The Shangrilas - Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) (Mp3)
The Chameleons - Nostalgia (Mp3)
British Sea Power - Remember Me (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

I find that nostalgia tends to be even better when you put a good piece of music with it. I can go back in time so quickly by putting on the first white stripes album that I bought. Mmmm nostalgia.

John Foster said...

Good week of selections capped by The Chameleons up top (and Deleted Scenes, one of my favorite local bands.)

I am excited for Jon's future.

Jon said...

See, that's what I'm talking about--and perhaps the entire reason TVD exists...


davyh said...

But do you also, like The Buzzcocks, have nostalgia for an age yet to come?

And is it the weekend yet?

dickvandyke said...

Wot no 'Jonny .. Remember Me'

Jon said...


Heeey...I only had 5....