Friday, September 26, 2008

TVD | Friday @ Random

I'm going to surprise you and disagree strongly with Bangs and agree with Gene Simmons on one pertinent point made in the interview below--which also happens to be your Friday @ Random fodder.

While it might have seemed novel at the time for a band like the Talking Heads--after years and years of rock excess and pomposity--to take the stage as your regular run of the mill neighbors next door--I'll be damned if I can stomach it anymore. Style and substance CAN coexist. You know, the anti Fleet Foxes and the Hold Steadys of the world or--99% of the Pitchfork nation. The next 'punk' movement will give the finger right to this anti- pretension pretension.

And another thing while I'm at it--geez louise--get the damn laptops off the stage, ok? If you can't play it, you don't belong ON the stage. Got it? Thanks. TGIF'nF.

Lester Bangs Interview - Part One (Mp3)
Lester Bangs Interview - Part Two (Mp3)

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Johnny Vandal said...

I agree with you--- while the "less is more" schtick can come off as good rock theatre in the right hands, I like to see a band or performer that gives a shit about (gasp!) putting on a show for folks--- when the punks came along their pricking the rock & roll hot air balloon was a vital action--- but as it always does, everything becomes a "look" sooner or later (just ask them old hippies or the aging glam guys & dolls)
Thanks for posting Lester