Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Jellyfish "Fan Club"

We're gonna get a little 'CD District' on you this morning. (I know - breathe deep.) Back in 2002, Bruce and the fine folks over at Not Lame released this 4-CD career spanning set from Jellyfish. Three hours of live tracks, demos, and rare and unreleased gems, all housed in a hardback case with a 16-page four color booklet with song-by-song histories from the band themselves. The one pressing sold out in no time flat. Copies are going for literally hundreds of dollars on ebay as I type this.

So, if you've been playing at home all this week, to thank you for indulging me in the lil Jellyfish retrospection, some more live tracks from the aforementioned "Fan Club" set culled from the "Bellybuttion" tour -- apparently also known as the "Innie Through The Outie Tour" on which they actually played, and filled, Wembley.

Jellyfish - All I Want Is Everything [Live] (Mp3)
Jellyfish - Baby Come Back_Baby's Coming Back [Live] (Mp3)
Jellyfish - Now She Knows She's Wrong [Live] (Mp3)
Jellyfish - She Still Loves Him [Live] (Mp3)
Jellyfish - Will You Marry Me [Live] (Mp3)


KRIS said...

good thing you never were scarred by being stung by a jellyfish as a child, or we'd be 4 awesome posts down this week!

Uncle E said...

GOD I love this band! Sad to say I am a very late-comer to Jellyfish, although I am making up for it now. Better late than never, eh?
Thanks for the excellent posts.