Friday, August 22, 2008

TVD | Friday @ Random

I was scanning the magazine aisle last weekend and spotted 'Jellyfish' on the cover of some slick glossy whose name now escapes me. Amazed, I reached for it thinking --no, HOPING -- Jellyfish had somehow, once again, become an ongoing concern. But alas, I was wrong. Oh sure, the article was indeed about Jellyfish the band, but it was about how great Jellyfish once WERE and how the odds are one in a million of them ever reforming. Crap.

As evinced by these Five Friday Nuggets, Jellyfish wasn't just an amazing studio band, but a fearsome live force readily absorbing their own influences and morphing them into their own candy coated carnival. Sometimes at the SAME time. (Try to not whistle along in your cube this morning...)

Jellyfish - Hold Your Head Up/Hello [Live] (Mp3)
Jellyfish - No Matter What [Live] (Mp3)
Jellyfish - Baby Come Back/Baby's Coming Back [Live] (Mp3)
Jellyfish - Jet [Live] (Mp3)
Jellyfish - Let 'Em In/That Is Why [Live] (Mp3)

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Anonymous said...

I know you know I love Jellyfish. There aren't enough superlatives to describe how full of life these songs are. We were lucky enough to see them tour this band live in San Francisco last century and btw they were a great, great live unit. Only 5 years ago we saw Jason Faulkner play in Air's band and he was just a great and full of joy - the f*cker hadn't aged a day either. Here's hoping for one in a million... Shamus